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Trapical Minds


Time: June 29, 2019
Location: Estadio Gran Canaria
Event Type: Sun&Stars
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About Tour

TRAPICAL MINDS, the musical band with pineapple flavor

Trapical Minds, the Colombian group of the moment, will be in the first edition of Sun & Stars at the Gran Canaria Stadium, next Saturday June 29, as part of the great artistic line up of this new festival.

Reguetón, hip-hop, soul and funk are some of the rhythms that give life to the band Trapical Minds, a collective that seeks to break down musical barriers. Yera, Skinny Happy and Lalo, members of the “pineapple-flavored” project, will bring the freshest sounds of the momento to the Canary Islands, uniting urban trends such as trap and reggaeton. All of them are tropical artists who have revolutionized the concept of music, introducing the champeta in their songs and adding organic elements and electronic music.

Last year, the videos of Trapical Minds already accumulated more than 30 million views on YouTube and “Borracha” and “Mocca”, two of their singles accumulated more than 16 million views on Spotify.

Coming on on Saturday June 29, first edition of Sun & Stars, where you can enjoy the collective “made in Colombia” to flood us with its “tasty-ness”.

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